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Bladed Speed Trainer Bat

Bladed Speed Trainer Bat

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Melon Basher!

Made from a blank speed training baseball bat. This bat has a saw blade imbedded in the top which is securely bolted in. The bolt was much longer than needed and this allowed for the grinding down of both sides to give spikes on each side of the blade. There's lots of sweet spots on this one. Small spikes scattered around the top as well. Torched and clear coated while still keeping the natural feel of the wood.

  • Original Handmade item by Battlebatz 
  • 3 pounds 12 ounces
  • 34 inches Long
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**This is meant as a novelty item and is up to the buyer to treat in a responsible manner. Local laws should be followed and it is up to the buyer to know and follow those laws. Battlebatz assumes no responsibility for the buyer's misuse of our very real and potentially dangerous art.**
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